MJ Development is a full service general contractor serving national retailers and New England property owners.

20 Years of Experience

We are proudly celebrating our 20th year in business! With our experience and knowledge, obstacles are identified before they can interrupt the process. Timely delivery with single source accountability is how we approach every job.


To develop trustworthy relationships with our clients while building a quality product quickly and efficiently.

We strive to do what is right for our clients and our partners.
— Michael J. Saba | President

Focused Expertise

MJ Development is a construction company with a focused expertise in retail and commercial construction. The right experience, the right resources, and most importantly, the right attitude has helped us gain the trust of our clients that are both nationally and regionally recognized. 

Finding a way

Whether you have a project that needs to get done quickly or you have a design-build project delivery, MJ Development excels at working with limited scope and time parameters. We create value in thinking differently to find creative solutions to keep the delivery of your project on track.

Communication is Key

Your project requires close communication with a wide variety of specialized professionals. MJ's effective communication and responsiveness ties ti all together with industry experience. WE have a reputation of working closely with your architect, engineer, franchisee or end-user in a team-player approach.

Honesty and Integrity

Every project has its challenges. Some more than others. These challenges often require the type of teamwork and commitment we bring to every job. We are committed to bringing to fruition your vision of a quality project. We do it with honesty and integrity and always strive to do what is right for our clients and partners.


Knowing the Process

Critical to project delivery is understanding the obstacles before they interrupt the process. Knowing how the process works and anticipating problems is of paramount importance for any fast track project. Timely delivery with single source accountability is how we approach every job.

Quality and Price

Finding qualified subcontractors with fair pricing is also our mission. We take pride in our qualification process, and strive to use only subcontractors that can maintain a high level of quality at affordable prices. This coupled with the correct manpower is the design for a properly managed project.